Survey results & analysis

In addition to the drop-in meetings during March 2014, part of the initial consultation process involved a comprehensive survey conducted during April. A detailed, multi-part questionnaire was distributed to all households in the Neighbourhood Area of which 280 questionnaires were returned from 215 households, representing 25% of the parish’s 873 households.

The questionnaire was designed to gauge community opinion on a wide range of issues, needs, priorities, the vision and objectives, development, services and facilities. The findings were communicated to the community at the Summer Festival during June at the Neighbourhood Plan display stand and a summary report has been published by the Steering Group.


The Consultation Survey Questionnaire

The Survey Findings Overview presented at the Summer Festival

The Survey Findings Detail presented at the Summer Festival

The Consultation Survey Summary published by the Steering Group


The findings from the survey are being used as evidence of requirements and priorities for the parish in the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.