Vision & objectives

We all want to protect and enhance what is good about our Parish of Stanford in the Vale, improve facilities and services and to have a positive influence on any future development. To do this we are putting in place a vision for the future by creating a Neighbourhood Plan.

“One of the best places in the south of England in which to live, work and play.”

This vision is supported by six objectives which form a set of guiding principles for our Built Environment and Use of Land:-

Identify and provide support for the future needs of our community in respect of housing, business, leisure, and education (in order to plan for these needs appropriately)
• Protect, preserve and enhance important buildings, features and green areas in both the historic and natural environment (including Conservation Areas, green spaces and habitats)
• Actively seek prioritised infrastructure improvements (including to drainage/sewage, parking/transport, telecommunications, lighting, footpaths and cycle routes).
• Preserve and enhance valuable existing facilities and services and add new ones of benefit to the community (including retail & business, leisure and education).
• Ensure future development sites are appropriate, sustainable and of benefit to our community (not just land owners and developers).
• Support sensitive, limited and proportionate development incorporating good quality and design (promoting eco-friendly and renewable development as part of this).

The vision and objectives have been adopted for the Neighbourhood Plan having received overwhelming support from the community in the Initial Consultation Survey

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